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  • 80 employees
  • 50 years experience
  • Aldoplastic is a private company run by owner
  • Quantities produced annually
    22.000 tons
  • In-house plant for the recuperation of materials: 1,000 tons per year

Aldoplastic has been active in producing packaging films of various types for the past 50 years.

Over the years we have adapted the properties of our films to the changing market demands. We have developed top-quality products in close cooperation with plastics manufacturers and suppliers of machines to ensure perfect and trouble-free operations, especially in the automated production of industrial packaging materials.

Quality, service, flexibility and market-based pricing make for long-term and productive partnerships.

A head start with Aldoplastic

Why not benefit from the numerous advantages we have to offer?

50 years experience

Over the past 50 years we have developed and produced top-notch packaging films. Therefore you may rely on the experience and sophisticated technology have to offer.

Quality awareness

Our quality awareness is the basis for a perfect and trouble-free production. You may rest assured that your orders are in good hands.

360° service

Aldoplastic ensures a complete service to meet your requirements. Our services range from consulting and manufacturing to maintenance and checks.

Flexible production

Our plants allow a flexible subdivision of your orders so that we can ensure short delivery times.

Production in accordance with your needs

Aldoplastic makes it possible to have your packaging films configured and produced to your own requirements.

Environmental awareness

It is important for us to support a sustainable production. This is why we run our own recycling plant. Besides, we constantly develop new compositions with higher proportions of recycled materials.

Industrial sectors

We offer applications that meet your needs and specifications.

Our production is focused on transport packaging and shrink foils for pallet loads.
Big bags, furniture covers, films cut to size and flat spread films for the most diverse applications complete our programme. Our production programme offers custom-made applications for important industrial sectors that produce and supply:

building materials
building materials
chemical products
chemical products
non-food products
non-food products
petrochemical products
petrochemical products


Excellent production standards and fast, reliable deliveries of our top-quality products.

Aldoplastic GmbH & Co. KG mainly distinguishes itself by qualitatively perfect production processes that comply with the ISO 9001 2015 norm (Dekra).
Our extrusion is a continuous process involving 10 high-performance lines for single and multi-layer blow-moulded films.

To meet your requirements for brightness of colour and constant quality, we print your films on our machines with pattern repeats up to 1.500 mm and printing widths up to 1.600 mm.
We run 2 printing machines and 1 offline machine so that we can offer printing with a maximum of 5 colours.

We run as many as 6 high-performance automated machines to assemble your bags, furniture bags, inliners and films cut to size. Tubular film films (on cardboard or plastic cores), or single films, produced entirely in accordance with your requirements.

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High quality and care for the environment.

Aldoplastic is a leading supplier of excellent products.
We offer a comprehensive and professional assortment which meets the most stringent quality standards.

All foils can be individually printed, punched, perforated and needled.

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We manufacture and certify all our products to the most stringent norms.
Regular consultations with our partners help us achieve this objective.

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